A Look Back at the Minikit

A few years ago an already old gallery of my computer kit – a Mac Mini and 20-inch Apple Cinema Display mounted in a Pelican case – caught the interest of several Mac and photo blogs. I quickly saw several hundred thousand hits in a few days and still see regular traffic each month. The minikit was retired a few months later, but I have a lot of fond nostalgia for that system and often look back at it to see if I can capture some of that old magic for my next system revision. Because of the apparent continued interest in the minikit, and to provide some insight on how I approach my gear, I’m reposting the images from that gallery here on my blog.  Later I’ll post details about my current system; a much different approach than what you see here, but still somewhat unique.

Keep in mind that this kit was originally put together back in 2004-2005. It started as a way to conveniently and safely carry a cinema display that was driven by a 12″ Powerbook. I worked that way for several months until Apple announced the Mini at Macworld in January 2005. I knew it would be a perfect fit and ordered mine minutes after the keynote ended. Despite its limitations the system served me well for a couple of years. Although the need for more power eventually led me to move on, I still miss seeing the ways people would react when they first saw the minikit in action.