Can I Get a Gray Card, Please?

Anyone who has worked with me in the past few years is probably familiar with my assistant, Matt. A while ago, while re-organizing old archives into a Lightroom catalog I got the clever idea to pull out any light-check, stand-in photos featuring Matt and put them together into a photo book as commemorative thank-you. I’m pleased with the results and the book is a fun look back on our work together. The cover worked out especially well. The image is perfect and I was so glad to find a great hand-drawn block font [Cul De Sac].

I don’t have much experience with other on-demand photo book services, but my experience with iPhoto was great. Sure, the template based layout is limited and somewhat inflexible, but the benefit is that I was able to throw this book together pretty quickly. The structure of the iPhoto templates saved me from myself by not letting me noodle around too much with picture boxes and crops, but gave me plenty of options to put together a nice looking layout. Print quality is very good considering that this is an on-demand book. Color and contrast are great and the photos hold up well to all but the closest scrutiny.